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TTOHLIII is the third show in The House of Smalls Chipping Campden gallery and the third annual exhibition of the same name. Showing in both the Dollhouse Gallery and the main space, this exhibition features the very diverse and relatable work of 55 women artists responding to their thoughts, feelings, and emotions as they traverse the restless waters of peri/menopause and beyond. It’s emotive, honest, powerful, funny, and uplifting.


The words and language used in profiles are as provided by the artists - it's important to me that work is portrayed as intended and that what artists want to say about themselves, their work and practice - however much or little and in whatever form - is said. 


If you're interested in purchasing/discussing any of the artwork please contact me. A 10% commission is applied to individual sales of £300 and above which is utilised towards the upkeep of the gallery.




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