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House II - The Time of Her Life

The Time of Her Life brought together 39 women who use visual art and words to express their emotions, thoughts and feelings as they navigate and negotiate their way through the murky waters of perimenopause and menopause.

We are bombarded with positive quotes and uplifting images to remind us that this is a time of celebration and liberation - but is it? What were you told? What were you not told? Who were you and who have you become? Indeed, is this inevitable transition worthy of mention at all?

The words and language used in profiles are as provided by the artists - it's important to me that work is portrayed as intended and that what artists want to say about themselves, their work and practice - however much or little and in whatever form - is said. 

If you're interested in purchasing/discussing any of the artwork please contact me. No commission is taken by The House of Smalls.

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