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Three Houses
House I (Castle Eaton).jpg


The first and original House, this is where it all began. It's a 1980's manufactured build and was the setting for the inaugural show, Facing It, featuring 28 UK and international artists. The exhibition in the image was a selection of vintage photographs of Castle Eaton, a village I lived in, and was made for an awards ceremony.

The Studio.jpg


Little Amy's home and studio. The oldest house, this one is a unique hand build, clearly made by someone who put their soul into it. This house will never be renovated or redecorated.

Little Amy has her own instagram page, @thestudioofsmalls.

House II (This Volatile State).jpg


The most unusual of the three gallery houses, the Big One is a kit build from around the early 1990s, and has hosted six shows. This Volatile State is shown.

The Suitcase.jpg


I try really hard not to look for any more unusual houses but this one couldn't be ignored! Still waiting to be redecorated and officially opened...

Little One


The newest acquisition, the Little one, was redecorated for the Fronteer Independent Art Fair at end August 2022. Unfortunately the frontage was lost in a Chester car park during packing up of the shows...! but it's still great for small shows with just a few pieces. The work shown in the image belongs to exhibitions Shadow and The Time Of Her Life II.

The Bathroom.jpg


I fell in love with the tin bathroom as soon as I saw it and did have an auction battle for this one. It's an odd scale which makes it even more special and I didn't know until I received it that the shower still works and the bath still fills - it's amazing!

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