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Exhibitions which give a voice to those who remain invisible.

Amanda Sinclair

A small gallery packing a huge punch in the world of curated exhibitions. The small scale work in the dolls house is as carefully and sensitively curated by Amy Oliver as a full scale exhibition. I like the fact that it’s not purely a digital show but one that is hung in a physical space , giving it scope to be viewed in “ the flesh” as well as having the potential for it to tour. The work is always diverse in content , context and execution, often touching on a deep personal and therapeutic response to making .There’s always something to learn and delight in when visiting The House of Smalls.

Bini Atkinson

How can you not love this project. Pure brilliance on so many levels. I hope to be near the Swindon area someday to see it in person.

Scott Bookman

I adore everything about The House of Smalls! Amy has done an incredible job of transforming old doll houses into gorgeous little galleries that are themselves works of art. The exhibitions she curates are not only visually stunning, but also showcase diverse and thought-provoking work related to meaningful themes. I feel so privileged to have been included in The Portrait Within and This Volatile State. Amy puts so much care and effort into every exhibition, including the beautiful posters she designs, the fun, labour-intensive “opening reception” videos she creates (complete with tiny visitors!), and the excellent and inclusive promotion she does on social media, with ‘daily featured artists’. She is so organized and treats exhibition artists and their work with such respect. It’s no wonder that artists from all over the world want their work to be shown on the tiny walls of The House of Smalls!

Seema Shah

Really chuffed to have been included in this wonderful exhibition (This Volatile State) and be amongst such talented artists. The House of Smalls Exhibitions are a work of genius offering an opportunity to those who may be overlooked elsewhere. Long may they continue. Thank you.

Martin Vallis

My work has been accepted for two of the House of Smalls open call on line shows, Facing It and This Volatile State. The House of Smalls curator, Amy Oliver has created an exceptional platform for artists to engage with each other an to allow their work to be viewed i a unique way. Amy shows great commitment to the artists she curates and this in turn engenders loyalty among the artists. During the restrictions over the last 2 years it has been extremely difficult for artists to continue working and showing their work. But there have been many exciting developments on line with new platforms, galleries and projects emerging giving artists greater access to showing their work and expressing their views. This has been very positive and the House of Smalls projects have been some of the best. All Amy's shows to date have included thought provoking and cutting edge themes which are carefully worked out and articulated and they have produced some fantastic work.. All the shows have been put together extremely creatively and professionally. I hope The House of Smalls continues to grow in stature but not too much!

Lucy Bevin

I love this small gallery with big ideas! The curation for each show has been so well thought through & executed by Amy, showcasing each artists’ work perfectly. Looking forward to seeing the next show!

Jenni Bea

I absolutely loved taking part in this exhibition, confined, it felt very worthwhile. Thank you so much for making it possible.

Elle x

Ellen Baker

Bringing together artists and their work around an emotive theme is both exciting and fascinating. “it’s my life” gave artists an opportunity to explore the delicate and emotive subject matter of medication, producing an eclectic mix of the personal and observational. Put all of that into a tiny house and Amy curated a thought provoking exhibition. Thanks so much for allowing me to be part of it.

Fran Farrar

It has been a pleasure and honour to be involved in three of the first five exhibitions at The House of Smalls, a totally unique concept curated marvelously by Amy Oliver with innovative and curative methods of marketing and promotion that are up with the world's best. May this continue for many years, Amy is accommodating and caring about the work and artists that participate in these wonderful shows - I am immensely proud to be part if this truly fantastic community of people.

m a longbottom

This/these beautiful doll's house galleries have been lovingly converted from abandoned, unloved toys to the most contemporary state of the art facilities...In fact I'd love to move in to one of these glorious spaces, if only I was the right size.

I just love this concept. It was perfectly timed as the pandemic caused lockdown and cancelled exhibitions. To be able to participate in real, physical exhibitions whilst we couldn't travel was amazing and so easy on that scale to send works via the usual post services, our art could travel easily even when we couldn't be there in person. During lockdown that sense of collaboration and participation was very special and helped to feel connected with people.

The shows continue and thank goodness they do....

Even though visitors aren't always easy to accommodate …. the way Amy/fragilityofself records and documents all the exhibitions is just fantastic. This small scale inclusive project has a big heart and a genuine love of the arts whilst presenting pertinent ideas through considered curation as well as, at the same time, satisfying our sense of curiosity and humour..... in fact, in short, everything art should be.....just, on a small scale.

There is so much still to explore with this project, I wish Amy all the best with her big little plans...

Highly recommended. Big love and hugs all round from me!


Sal xx

Sal Jones

This Volatile State was a wonderful and creative exhibition hosted by The House of Smalls. Curator and artist, Amy Oliver directed a flawless show, which included 39 works of art that represented the title and ethos of the showcase in superb sequence and connotation. The exhibition was inclusive to all artists and managed with respect and humour. The continual promotion gave every member of this group a chance to be seen and connect with fellow artists. Amy’s passion for the arts is evident throughout the entire production and her warmth and dedication is inspiring.

Amanda Sinclair

The organisation and curatorship of the exhibition This Volatile State was impeccable. Everything went to schedule and we, the exhibiting artists, were kept in the loop all the way through fro acceptance to closing (and beyond!). Amy is an excellent communicator and generous with her time and commitment. The exhibits were on theme and varied which was a very strong point in favour of the exhibition, in my opinion. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was very glad and felt privileged to have been part of it.

Anna Goodchild

Hi House of Smalls. What a pleasure and privilege it was to exhibit at your wonderful gallery (ies). The space is so unique, the curation on point and LOVE the in situ photos with all the cute pets and miniature people. The social engagement with the audience and peer group has also been great. Thank you for creating this unique space for everyone. KV x

KV Duong

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