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Shadow was a group exhibition shown in the Big House at the inaugural Fronteer Independent Art Fair, Chester, between 26 ~ 29 August 2022 as the Houses went out publicly for the first time.


All artworks are original small pieces created by 36 artists responding to the (title) theme using a variety of mediums.




~ partial or complete darkness produced by a body coming between rays of light (and a surface)


~ used in reference to proximity, ominous oppressiveness, or sadness


~ a weak or inferior remnant or version of something


The words and language used in profiles are as provided by the artists - it's important to me that work is portrayed as intended and that what artists want to say about themselves, their work and practice - however much or little and in whatever form - is said. 


If you're interested in purchasing/discussing any of the artwork please contact me. No commission is taken by The House of Smalls.

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