The House of Smalls was established in November 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whilst the virtual galleries which sprang up during the worldwide lockdowns and restrictions were a great concept and provided access to art in the absence of open venues, I became quickly frustrated by the repetitive and formulaic construct and felt compelled to somehow create a free and inclusive, predominantly women-centric, interactive space with a feminist ethos for physical work to join the already established independent digital shows and those forced online by the extraordinary circumstances. 
A unique space for unique art. 

And so I bought a house.

A very small house.

Submissions, exhibitions and features are free for artists (except in specific circumstances where there's a cost for the Houses to show). If however you'd like to make a small donation to a small house for upkeep and associated costs (paints, people, social media promotions and website fees etc) please do! You'll always get a shoutout across The House of Smalls social media. Thank you so much.